About Me


Michael Maydan and I have lived in Almonte since 2005, and have been married since 1975. We have one daughter, Valancy, married to David of Ottawa, and three very fun grandchildren. My interests are reading, art (painting, Ukrainian Easter eggs), crafts, kids, dogs, writing, technology, psychology and research.

I grew up on the family farm near Brandon, Manitoba and attended one of the last one-room school houses on the prairies. My parents passed away when I was 19 (mother) and 24 (father). I studied English, Psychology, Human Resource Management, Micro-Economics, Computer and Network Management and Negotiations at the Universities of Winnipeg and Manitoba, and various schools in Ontario, including the Niagara Institute.

I worked in many areas: starting as a cleaner all through high school at a seniors’ facility, I worked in human resources, income support and social services (provincial and federal), writing, editing, research, information and network technology and fraud investigation. I instituted the first monthly computerized income support cheques at Indian Affairs in Manitoba, improving service delivery to recipients. Through my verification team’s better quality control practices, approximately $6 million was identified in saving; later, as the Supervisor of Income Support for southern Manitoba, I oversaw approximately $36 million in contributions and grants under negotiated agreements. After moving to Ottawa in 1991 due to Mike’s promotion, I worked with various mainframe and personal computer systems: technical writing/editing and managing at Revenue Canada/GST, and managing user support and network administration at Indian Affairs (300 users in Claims and Indian Government Sector).

In 1997, my knowledge of regional operations and experience with victims of sexual assault led the Assistant Deputy Minister to move me into the Litigation Unit where I started representing the federal government in residential school abuse litigation across Canada, managing research and contracting research companies, experts and deponents, and seeking advice from and instructing lawyers for the Department of Justice across Canada. I listened to and spoke with hundreds of victims and their families in mediation. I streamlined the cumbersome Litigation Committee process and trained new staff.

The Presbyterian Agreement signing between Minister Ralph Goodale on left, Deputy Prime Minister at that time, and the Reverend Stephen Kendall, on right, Principal Clerk of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. I am standing behind Mr. Goodale.

In 2002 I was invited by the Deputy Minister, Mr Jack Stagg, to be his Assistant Negotiator in reaching the first agreements with Canadian churches for their residential school compensation, based on research and data I presented to the national churches. I provided data and calculations to former Supreme Court Chief Justice Frank Iacobucci in his final negotiations with the churches that became the 2007 Residential School Settlement Agreement. I represented Canada on the multi-party services in kind working group, with the Assembly of First Nations and Catholic Entities. I retired as the Director of Religious Entities and Litigation Management in 2010. Over the years, I received three Deputy Minister’s Outstanding Achievement Awards (Manitoba Forest Fire Evacuations (Gimli), Residential School Portfolio 1999-2000, and Excellence in Program Delivery 2007-8).

The working group for the Anglican Church and Canada. I am third from the left, front row.

Mike retired from Statistics Canada, where he worked as a manager on a number of surveys in Winnipeg and Ottawa including the Census, Census of Agriculture, Consumer Price Index, Labour Force and Business surveys and he was responsible for the Y2K roll-out for the Regional Operations Branch.

My volunteer experience includes the St. Vital Day Care Co-op, Winnipeg’s first Rape Crisis Centre (now Klinic, Inc), the United Way in Winnipeg and Ottawa, the Canadian Cancer Society, the RCMP Curling Club, the Advocacy Committee of the National Association of Federal Retirees, and the Pakenham Ramsay Almonte Taxpayers Advocacy Coalition (PRATAC). I took leave from the executive of PRATAC when I ran for election, and resigned when I was elected.