Traffic Issues

As the town of Almonte grows, traffic is becoming heavier and speeding is most prevalent on Ottawa, Martin, and Honeyborne Streets.

In January of 2019, Councillor Dalgity and I met with trustees of our two local school boards, Donald Cram of the Upper Canada Board and Jennifer Cooney of the Eastern Ontario Catholic Board. We discussed safety problems on Paterson Street. The end results were that we worked to move a dangerous crosswalk away from depositing children on an island of circulating traffic and hired school crossing guards for Ottawa Street. We also initiated the installation of a community safety speed zone of 40 km per hour on Paterson.

We specifically wanted mobile “Your Speed Is…” signs for use throughout the municipality. We want more. Public Works initiated a pilot project using metal bollards in the centre of the street on Honeyborne, to mixed reviews.

Some candidates would bring back the worst aspects of the old “Active Transportation Plan” such as removal of parking from Almonte, Main and Bridge Streets so that more bicycle lanes can be installed. Be careful! I know that they are used very little, but they are a 24/7, year-round nuisance to those who have homes bordering them. As a Dillon consultant traffic expert told this council, no parking and no long-sight obstructions speeds up traffic. Parking alone is a calming influence on speed.

40 km in Almonte

The measures we have taken are great, but not enough. I would like all of Almonte to have a maximum speed within it of 40 km within its boundaries, to bring back parking to residential areas, to install more crosswalks in Almonte (we made sure that one will be installed as part of the Downtown Renewal at Main Street) and to have more speeding enforcement under a renegotiated police services contract.