Motion regarding the Carleton Place Recreation and Culture Cost Sharing Agreement

Please share and provide me with your comments on this motion. Over the next few days, I will also post what I found on the costs and history of this agreement over the last 12 years. The agreement was started in 1987 to benefit Ramsay residents nearer to Carleton Place and continued past amalgamation in 1998. Most residents don’t know about this and when they do, they are concerned about funding a third arena and a third library. Stay tuned.

My motion:

WHEREAS Mississippi Mills maintains two libraries and two arenas as well as other cultural and recreational facilities, and

WHEREAS Mississippi Mills has contributed to the Carleton Place Culture and Recreation Cost Sharing Agreement since amalgamation for their library, pool and arena, with increases of 8%, 8.2%, 9.4% and 12% in the last four years, for an increase of approximately $50,000 from 2016 and totalling more than $1M in the last 8 years; and

WHEREAS the Province of Ontario has clarified that establishment of a library services agreement by a municipality for library services with another municipality when it has established its own Library Board is inconsistent with the Public Library Act; and

WHEREAS on February 18, 2020 the Mississippi Mills Public Library Board communicated its wish to terminate the Library “cost sharing” service agreement in preference to fiscally effective reciprocal sharing agreements with its neighbours; and

WHEREAS the premise for cost-sharing agreements are generally to support services in one municipality which another municipality does not have but uses exclusively, and

WHEREAS the cost-sharing agreement abrogates Council’s authority, control and management of its expenditures to third parties,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Mississippi Mills Council terminate the cost-sharing or “Howard Allan” Agreement effective immediately.”

– Verbal notice provided by Jan Maydan at the Committee of the Whole on Tuesday, August 11, 2020