Refusing a Pay Increase

Almonte Old Town Hall, photo by Jan Maydan

Your council currently receives the following salaries:

Mayor: $34,823 per fiscal year, plus County remuneration
Deputy Mayor: $23,234 per fiscal year, plus County remuneration
Councillor: $19,314 per fiscal year

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor each receive in excess of $20,000 plus expenses per year (as of 2018) from Lanark County. You can see the 2018 report below:

The 2018 Lanark County salaries and expenses from their April 10, 2019 Corporate Services agenda. At that time, a significant portion of the salary was non-taxable. That no longer exists.

Before the 2018 election, up to a third of the salary was tax-free, which is why it is shown in the County report in two columns. It is all taxable now.

The process for pay raises seems to have been that the increase bylaw is inserted with a number of other bylaws that have been previously discussed by Council and passed as a group. The Chair (in this case, the mayor) asks if anyone would like to pull a bylaw for further discussion.

I asked that the remuneration bylaw be pulled for discussion. I suggested that, because so many residents had their income reduced by COVID-19 measures, that we should forgo the 2% pay increase this year. Our Treasurer is now giving regular reports on the impacts of the measures.

Thank you to Councillors Dalgity, Guerard and Holmes for joining me in voting to defeat the bylaw.

You can hear the discussion at the June 16, 2020 Special Council Meeting, at approximately 2:43:00 (pretty much the end of the meeting), here: