The 2018 Lanark County Police Progress Report and How You Can Help Reduce the Costs of Policing

Lanark OPP

I am one of the members of the Mississippi Mills Police Services Board, and attend the municipal, County and Zone 2 meetings. The provincial government may soon be making changes to amalgamate some of these boards.

At the recent County meeting hosted by Lanark Highlands, Detachment Commander Derek Needham discussed the detachment’s 2018 Progress Report and provided second quarter statistics comparing 2018 to 2019, that I have extracted for just Mississippi Mills here.

Commander Needham listed two ways that you can help reduce policing costs:

1 – LOCK YOUR VEHICLE – There has been an increase in thefts from unlocked vehicles. Residences in towns are more attractive and vulnerable because they are close together (not too far for lazy thieves to walk, unlike long country lanes to houses). Unfortunately spates of petty thefts and mischief happen in more densely populated areas.

2 – PUT YOUR PHONE TO SLEEP, IF NOT OFF – This prevents “pocket” 911 calls that are a waste of police and other precious resources.

The Police Services Board meetings are open to the public and often very interesting. The next Mississippi Mills meeting is on Tuesday, September 10 at 9:30 at the Council Chambers of Mississippi Mills, 3131 Old Perth Road.

We hope to see you there!