Water Use

I had a few questions this week from residents about the Almonte water restrictions and plans for augmenting our water storage. Apparently there was speculation on social media that the water storage tower is empty.

Mississippi Mills had a severe drought in 2012, necessitating watering restrictions that started in June, when the water was at a Level 1 drought (where we are now). On July 17, 2012, Level 2 drought conditions were announced by the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority. The restrictions were finally lifted on September 10, 2012. The public was very responsive to the conservation requests; consumption dropped considerably and stabilized the system.

At Level 1, you are asked to reduce your water consumption by 10%.

At Level 2, you are asked to reduce it by 20%.

Here is the full Bylaw 04-14 which tells you about when you may water during the summer and the fines for non-compliance.

You can conserve by not washing your car, letting your grass grow a bit longer so it won’t die, watering by hand, not pressure-washing, using leftover dish or bath water to help your plants, not overfilling pools, etc.

In order to accommodate future growth, Council voted to construct a second water storage facility based on a report by J. L. Richards and presented to Council on March 5, 2019. It is planned for a location near the Fire Hall and was estimated to cost $4M.

You can check the water levels in our watershed at the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority’s website.