How Did They Vote?

I prepared a document that lists how the current council voted on a number of issues over the past term.

On some matters, the votes teetered back and forth, although the same group seemed to vote as a block on certain things.

Significant flips include:

Council at first were all leaning  to remove the 7B Bridge as recommended by staff, but then ultimately voted to save it and widen it to 7 metres, after hearing from farmers. Only Councillor McCubbin held out against it.

Councillor Torrance consistently voted against the sale of Don Maynard Park in Mississippi Mills, but changed her mind and voted to dispose of it at County.

Councillor Lowry voted for questionable Almonte ATV by-passes for  the Ottawa Valley Recreational Trail, but voted against the final one through the intersection of Martin and Ottawa Streets that was suggested in June 2018.

Browse through the list here: Council Voting

So What Have I Done for You Lately?

Things I Achieved in Mississippi Mills So Far, Before Running

Canadian Cancer Society: I helped at the Office in Perth, and I replaced Lorna Hooper as the treatment drives co-ordinator for Mississippi Mills. I became a volunteer driver myself, taking residents from all over the area for treatment. I coordinated the fund-raising in Almonte for a couple of years.

PRATAC: I was a director of the Pakenham Ramsay and Almonte Taxpayers Advocacy Coalition (PRATAC), took leave from the Executive during my candidacy and resigned upon my election. I was a researcher, writer, and volunteer trainer.  I spoke at public meetings on topics such as the anti-SLAPP legislation (SLAPP: Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation, designed to intimidate citizens), correctly predicting the failed outcome of the publicly-funded personal lawsuits of Mayor McLaughlin and Councillor Edwards against Steve Maynard. I shared information on how to identify “fake news” and what questions to ask yourself about it. I donated funds for various events and prizes for Family Fun Day. Using my own equipment, I was at the computer search table at the PRATAC Community Official Plan meetings in Pakenham, Clayton and Almonte, helping people to locate their own properties to see if and how they were affected by changes proposed. Once people could foresee the effects, they demanded changes.

Don Maynard Park: I went door-to-door in our neighbourhood to circulate the petition against the sale, worked on park clean-up and replanting, uncovered facts such as the Park was never just Block 40, but actually included Block 42; the two formed Don Maynard Park in its entirety. I documented the history of it as well as the two efforts to arrange its sale, in 2000 and 2015/2016. I researched and presented fact-based objections at both the municipal and county levels, and prepared PRATAC’s submission to the Ontario Municipal Board.

Heritage Conservation District: In 2016, I researched the facts showing that some members of Council were in conflicts of interest by moving and voting on the HCD, without declaring their pecuniary interests within the heritage conservation district, thus benefiting by way of 25% rebates on the municipal portions of their property taxes and grants necessitating a subsequent quadrupling of the heritage assistance budget.  No residents outside the proposed Heritage Conservation District were ever consulted about it, only those within the chosen area, but we must all subsidize it. I think everyone needs to be involved in decision making on this, not just the beneficiaries.

Code of Conduct for Building Officials: I am personally responsible for the Municipality’s Code of Conduct for Building Officials  and requiring them to post it publicly for residents, as required by the Building Code. It was approved in October of 2014, and I was consulted on it.