Mill Run Park 2021

Mill Run residents can look forward to their own neighbourhood park.

Calvin Murphy, our Parks and Recreation manager, told me that he expects tenders for the work to go out in February. He has also arranged with the Almonte and District High School to build the two sun shelters.

You may recall that the park was supposed to be constructed in 2020, but the uncertainty around the pandemic stalled it.

While benches and trees are included in the plan, Mississippi Mills welcomes additional tree donations for this park in accordance with the Commemorative Bench Tree and Bike Rack policy:

The application form is here:

Stop Signs on Sadler

Residents of Mill Run, please note that the installation of stop signs at Sadler and Horton and Sadler and Honeyborne is coming up for discussion at the Committee of the Whole on Tuesday September 1. Councillor Dalgity and I have spoken to many residents in the area about this, both before and after the election.

See the full agenda here:

See the stop sign report only here:

If you support one or the other or both (or none) please send an email to Council at: and ask that your message be forwarded to all of Council.

Mill Run Subdivision Information

While I was visiting the Mill Run neighbourhood, a number of people asked me about the status of two neighbourhood features. As a candidate, I was allowed to obtain information from the Municipality. Here are my questions and the responses I received:

New Road Question: Please provide a detailed update on the progress of the road and public works going in behind Honeybourne Street from Paterson.

Answer from Town Staff: “Menzie Street is being constructed by the developer of the subdivision and being cost shared with the Municipality.  The works are well underway and expected to be completed by the end of October.”

New Park Question: Please provide a detailed update on the development of the 4-acre Park on one side of Horton at the end of Laroche Street.

Answer from Town Staff: “At this stage Council has approved the concept plan for the Mill Run park but no detailed designs have been completed. The goal in 2019 is to complete the detail design for the park as well as try and have some of the construction completed.”

Jan’s Comments: The “concept plan” was prepared quite a while ago.  Many more people have moved into Mill Run since then, and their views must be considered on a refreshed “detail design” for their park.  If you have thoughts on this, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Other Concerns:

I heard from about a dozen households that traffic control is still a concern. A four-way stop was suggested at the intersection of Sadler and Honeybourne and a three-way stop at Honeybourne and Maude. Several residents  complained of noisy stunt driving, often at night, behind the businesses along Ottawa Street.  A reduced speed limit of 40 km  in residential sections and by schools was also requested.

Residents on the side of Ottawa Street from Mill Run down to to Martin Street want better and safer pedestrian crossings, especially for school children, who must cross Ottawa Street to get to one of the two elementary schools on Paterson. People reported that parents drove their children to school because they think that crossing Ottawa Street is unsafe, especially at the Sadler intersection. I have written a separate post about crossing guards and school patrols.

A few people talked about the pond in the park, how it may be used and if it might breed mosquitoes; they wondered if aerating it in some way might prevent that. There are issues with ponds: do they function as  retention for run-off? Will they provide a degree of filtration for water destined eventually for the river (wetland); will weeds or algae be harvested, pests controlled etc. That should be something to be discussed at a public meeting on the park addressing the concerns.

Mill Run is a “Friendly Town” neighbourhood, with so many people who know each other. Thank you for your warm welcome!