How Much is Our Federal Gas Tax Allocation and Provincial Funding?

The Federal Gas Tax

In its budget on March 19, the federal government doubled the municipality’s gas tax allocation. The gas tax allocations are set as follows until 2023:

The Federal Gas Tax Allocation for our area

In 2019 and 2020, the Federal Gas Tax allocation to Mississippi Mills will be $399,316.

If that is doubled, I assume that we are in line to receive $798,632 for 2019.

According to the federal news releases, the Gas Tax can be used to pay for, or finance “…local roads and bridges, broadband connectivity, public transit, drinking water and wastewater, solid waste infrastructure, diversion and disposal of recyclables, compostable materials and garbage, energy systems including energy retrofits of municipal buildings, brownfield remediation or decontamination and redevelopment of a brownfield, sport infrastructure, cultural and tourism infrastructure, disaster mitigation that reduces or eliminates the long-term impacts and risks associated with natural disasters and capacity building related to the ability of municipalities to develop long-term planning practices; e.g. local asset management planning, public transit network planning, etc.”

Provincial Allocations

The Province of Ontario reviewed its regular allocations to municipalities this year under the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund (OMPF) . We received $863,300, about $15,000 more than our Treasurer had anticipated back in January.

In addition, the Municipality received a one-time provincial grant of $625,994 to help rural communities modernize.