Icy Roads and Sidewalks, Blocked Drains

The weather varied a lot over the holidays, with a couple of days where freezing rain followed by snow made venturing outdoors difficult. I was sent a complaint that the roads were impassable: of course, by the time I opened the email, about 24 hours later, the sidewalks and roads were clear and I was personally able to walk across town with no problem. No one completely solved the problem but the Weather itself; while walking, I noticed that the sidewalks had been treated with salt.

Naismith in Snow

I also received a call about road drains blocked by ice, causing big puddles on streets. If the drain is blocked and the puddles freeze, the problems multiply. The piles of snow left by municipal and residential snow-clearing get pushed over these drains, with melting snow turning to ice on top of it all. With the weather up and down, it took a few days for municipal crews to attend to everything, but they did clear the drains of the ice blockages.

I read in the news that shortages of sand and salt were predicted for this winter. Some municipalities were concerned about running out. This possibility means that, to conserve resources, your entire road might not be treated, but only the centre, so that at least two tires will grip and distribute the grains across more of the road. Conservation of increasingly expensive resources makes sense, especially with possible shortages and concerns about the effects of salt run-off.

Did you know that Mayor Christa Lowry accepted an invitation to ride with plow operator Bruce Metcalfe? Her adventure began at 3 a.m. and she observed the meticulous work for 5 hours. She begs residents to PLEASE MOVE YOUR CAR OFF THE STREETS AT NIGHT. This greatly helps the snow removal crews.

Did you know that some contractors imported road salt from Egypt? https://www.yorkregion.com/news-story/8939777–triple-whammy-threatens-ontario-road-salt-supplies-markham-contractor/

If you are concerned about specific road and sidewalk conditions, report this to the Municipality of Mississippi Mills by telephone to (613) 256-2064.

Rod Cameron is our Operations Manager for Public Works.