Cost Sharing Facts and Fallacies



Mississippi Mills Cost sharing spending actuals and Proposed 2016 to 2021


Because of the cost-sharing agreement, Carleton Place residents paid for only about 60% of their own library, pool and all other recreation, including their arena and parks. Compare that to Mississippi Mills where we pay 100% of our own two libraries and two arenas and many parks.

Here are the numbers from Carleton Place of the most recent proportions and requested costs- Carleton Place provided this on December 7, 2020:

LIBRARY: proportion and request
SWIMMING POOL: proportion and request
ARENA, PARKS AND RECREATION: proportion and request



“How did we lose community access to the pool in Carleton Place?” This question was published by Maureen Dagg but taken down. Jane Torrance also implied that access to the pool was lost at the All-Candidates meeting hosted by The Hub on September 29. Those assertions are false. Note that Jane Torrance voted in favour of a motion in 2016 to keep the amounts the same or to renegotiate the agreement. They failed.

Counter: Carleton Place did raise non-resident fees very high, for us and all other “non-contributing” municipalities. And they raised their residents’ fees also. This was an issue raised at the Carleton Place candidates meeting last week: an assertion that they have “the highest pool fees of any place outside Toronto.”


Only residents close to Carleton Place pay for the agreement.

Counter: Until recently, Councillor Ferguson believed that his Pakenham constituents did not pay anything toward this benefit for those bordering Carleton Place. They did. Everyone did. The areas identified in the Howard Allan Agreement caused this misconception. They are there only for proportion among the three municipalities, which stayed rather consistent.


The costs rose so far beyond the rate of inflation because of growth in Ramsay near Carleton Place.

Counter: There has been little to no growth in the area according to Statistics Canada. The budget is whatever Carleton Place wants to spend and Mississippi Mills and Beckwith had no control.


Mississippi Mills did not negotiate or offer to pay anything.

Counter: We did, twice, but not one-year increases of 97% for the pool or 48% for the arena and recreation. We also offered to discuss future contributions for the pool. That is the one facility that we do not have and it makes sense to either contribute or not, seeing as it is like a gym membership etc. which is not subsidized except by users.

Fallacy: Carleton Place Library had 635 Mississippi Mills members.

Counter: Since the Mississippi Mills Public Library withdrew from the agreement with Council’s consent in September 2021, 9 individuals or households have applied for the $30 or $55 South Ramsay reimbursement offered. In 2022, $90 has been paid to date.