Don Maynard Park

The centrepiece of Don Maynard Park has been named “Gloria’s Garden” by local residents.

Few can imagine enduring a relentless attack on their home by a cold and merciless bureaucracy twice in the space of the home’s existence, let alone a lifetime in this country, but that is exactly what the Leonard family faced in Mississippi Mills since 2000.

The Leonards and their neighbours have fought twice since 2000 to save the neighbourhood park they were promised when their homes were built.  One family actually had their front entrance built so that it faces the park. Since 2016, they have faced a barrage of municipal decisions based on erroneous information and pretzel logic, inflexible ideology and several seriously questionable acts launched by  members of the municipal council and a few of their supporters.

Unfortunately Mrs Gloria Leonard has not survived this latest struggle, and she passed away unexpectedly on August 19, 2018. Local mourners overflowed the church and funeral home. I only knew Gloria since 2016 but we spent a lot of time together, working and having fun, too. The stress she suffered in the last few years related to this was tragic and unnecessary.

To Gloria, the Leonard and Van Dusen families: thank you for enriching my family and neighbourhood with your own.

I have prepared a factual timeline of events with relevant links. I hope this helps explain it:

Timeline of Selling Don Maynard Park

Gloria Leonard speaks to residents at the Public Information Centre meeting of February 13, 2017. To the right are her sister Norma Jean and the edge of the proposal to save the park. The stickers were handed out by the Town to residents to select the proposal they preferred. This was the proposal selected.